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I don't plan on writing in any sort of a regular timing, but I will try to include dates on each article to show an idea of how frequently I write.

Depending on how frequently I write and add articles to this page, I may end up adding an in-page link to each category section.


Articles about reltionships, sociology, self-care, etc.


Articles all about faith, from the basics to finer points. May include speculation.


Articles about technology, from help to theoretical arguments against it. Mostly from a technoskeptic worldview, but as you may notice from this website, I am fairly well-versed in technology too.

One article currently planned, should be out before too long.


Articles about civil life, government structures, sociological ideas, and generally contentious topics

I currently have no political articles planned, but I have had some ideas. With my method of writing, there's no telling when I may write something here.

DIY/ Life Basics

This section will contain content on stuff like getting a credit card, to basic home care (plumbing, electric) to cool crafty stuff.

I currently have none written, nor plans to do any particularly soon, but I have a few ideas.