Meaning of Halcyon

Halcyon: adj. characterized by happiness, great success, and prosperity

I believe we can attain a great era of prosperity once again, and I work to help others find this in their own lives. Individually, we make up our communities. Our communities make up our world.

About the Author

I started writing a long time ago, but I am taking up the hobby again now because I have been told I should be a writer. My goal is to help people by sharing the knowledge and wisdom I have been blessed to gain throughout my life.

If there is anything in my writing or anything else I share that is helpful to you; anything of wisdom or knowledge, know that it is not from me. Anything good or useful I have to offer is a gift I received from God, and I simply want to pay it forward. I hope my ponderings on deeper topics, connected to the bible, can help many people in those areas. These will include relationships, society, faith and things of that nature. I also hope my more practical advice on DIY projects and how to live as adult will help the target audience, younger millennials and zoomers.

If there is anything is my writing that is not helpful or foolish, that part is me. I will try my best to only write and share useful information, but I have a tendency to perfectionism. As such, I will have to share things that don’t feel quite right to me yet, because I’d rather the chance of it helping someone in an imperfect form than to never have that chance. I am a novice at writing, but I will try my best to be respectful of my readers’ time and add value to your lives.

A lot of my articles on society, faith, or deeper life issues will contain advice; please do not feel like I’m trying to tell you how to live your life. I am just trying to offer my take on certain things we can do to live a fuller and richer life, based on my experiences and my deeps studies on these topics; I think my advice would help, but of course I recommend praying and consulting the bible as the final word on any important decision.

You have my sincere thanks for taking the time to read anything I have written for you. Thank you all, and God Bless.

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